Viktor belenko supermarket clipart

Jan 01 2020

Belenko was not the only pilot to have defected from the Soviet Union in this way, nor was he the first such to defect from a Soviet-bloc country. He may have been aware of the U. S. government’s policy of awarding large cash prizes to defecting pilots of communist countries . In March and May 1953, two Polish Air Force pilots flew MiG-15s to Denmark. Later in 1953, North Korean pilot No Kum Sok flew his MiG-15 to a U. S. air base in South Korea; this MiG is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of the U. S. Air Force, displayed in its original owner markings. Later, Soviet Captain Aleksandr Zuyev flew his MiG-29 to Trabzon, Turkey on 20 May 1989. That MiG-29 was promptly returned to the Soviets.

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