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Jan 05 2020

Keech demands that Lewis get the younger James from his room, threatening to kill Polly if he doesn’t. Lewis quietly enters the dorm and prepares to kill the younger James hoping to set the time-line right, but can’t bring himself to kill the sleeping child. Instead, he hides James inside a restroom, and goes to the roof. Keech explains that the woman from the opening scene was his mother who was abusive so he killed her. However, he further reveals that each change has simply resulted in another change to be corrected: After his mother’s murder, he was abused by others, and Felicia failed to win the resultant child abuse case; after Felicia’s murder, Vicki reported his misbehavior at school, resulting in him being moved from one abusive foster home to another; after Vicki’s murder, he was placed in the group home, where a dire future still awaits the young James. Adult James believes Polly’s murder will finally break the cycle and allow his younger self a better chance in life. He intends to frame Lewis for Polly’s murder, with young James capturing the supposed serial killer Lewis, becoming a hero and giving him[self] a fresh start.

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