New years eve party hat clipart

Apr 15 2019

In 1992, the sketch comedy troupe Royal Canadian Air Farce began airing its annual New Year’s Eve special Year of the Farce on CBC Television, which features sketches lampooning the major events and news stories of the year. The 1992 edition was presented as a one-off special, but became a backdoor pilot for a regular Royal Canadian Air Farce television series that premiered the following year, and ran until 2008. Year of the Farce continued to air as special episodes of the television series, while the 2008 edition served as its series finale. One-off Year of the Farce specials have continued to air on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day since, featuring members of the original cast. Since 2017 (with the inaugural edition marking the beginning of the country’s sesquicentennial year), CBC has also broadcast a more traditional countdown special, with music performances and coverage of festivities from various Canadian cities.

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