Mr happy clipart face

Oct 30 2019

Mr. Bounce is the 22nd book in the Mr. Men series. Mr. Bounce is yellow and round and wears a pink hat. Mr. Bounce is small and bounces around like a rubber ball, making life very difficult for him. One day, after banging his head on the ceiling from bouncing off a chair, Mr. Bounce has decided he’s had it with all this bouncing about and decides to see the doctor about it. On the way however, he trips on a pebble and becomes a tennis ball for a pair of tennis players, but after taking a bus to the doctor’s, Mr. Bounce bounces into the doctor’s office and into Dr. Makeyouwell’s mid-morning coffee. After Mr. Bounce explains his problem, Dr. Makeyouwell gives him heavy red boots, in which he wears them to bed that night and falls through the floor straight into the kitchen, the next morning.

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