Josh wright free hands clipart

Nov 26 2019

In his second season at Scunthorpe United, Wright started his season when he scored his first goal for the club in a Football League Cup game against Manchester United on 22 September 2010. After the match, Wright says he is more than please to score his first goal because he cited as a “long time coming”. Wright started well for the club until his playing time minutes significantly decreased later in the season. In the January transfer window, Wright requested a transfer, during in which, he was offered a new contract and prepared for his exit from Scunthorpe United. This came after Reading were keen to sign him and was keen to move down to the south. However, his father stated that Wright will unlikely to the club in the January transfer window, but will leave in the summer. After failed transfer move in January transfer window, Wright expected to be back in the first team and earn playing time, as well as, withdrawing his transfer request. Unfortunately, his loss of form and a foot injury that kept him for the rest of 2010–11 season cost his first team place. Despite loss of form costing his first team place, Wright, nevertheless, made thirty-six appearance for the club.

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