Jackie aina camera clipart

Oct 21 2019

A known champion for dark-skinned women and men, Aina expressed her opinion that a foundation product by cosmetics brand Too Faced did not feature enough shades, Too Faced announced a collaboration with her to expand the shade range of its Born This Way foundation. By June 2018, the shade range had been expanded from 24 to 35 shades. Nine of the eleven new shades were formulated by Aina, where several had sold out. She said that she listened to perspectives of her online followers and other influencers of color. Aina said that the collaboration wasn’t a result of the effect that Fenty Beauty had on the cosmetic industry after it launched a foundation in 40 shades in 2017, and that she and Too Faced had not known about it. She also said that the brand had reached out to her in efforts to diversify their products long before she had such a large online following.

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