Green door clipart

Sep 18 2019

Gene McDaniels released a version of it as a single in 1960, but it failed to chart. In 1964, Bill Haley & His Comets recorded a version for a single release on Decca Records during an unsuccessful attempt to make a comeback with the label that had made them famous with “Rock Around the Clock” (this version was produced by Milt Gabler); Haley and the Comets also recorded an instrumental version in 1962 for the Mexican Orfeon Records label. Country humorist Mayf Nutter re-charted the song in 1973. Crystal Gayle recorded the song in 1977, and it has since become a fan favorite at her concerts. Psychobilly band the Cramps covered the song on their 1981 album, Psychedelic Jungle. The Spanish pop-punk group Los Nikis made a Spanish version in 1986. [citation needed]

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