Fruit beetle clipart

Jan 12 2020

The adult’s primary food has become fruit in gardens and orchards. They prefer sweet food, which includes the leaves, flowers, and saps of some plants and ripe or overripe fruit. Fruit with tough skins are too hard for them to bite through, so they most often eat softer-skinned fruit such as figs, peaches, grapes, pears, and tomatoes, among others. The beetles are particularly attracted to ripening and fermenting fruit, which emit gases that lead the beetles to them, and to fruit that other animals or insects have already damaged. In most small gardens, the adult beetles are minor pests that do little damage; however, they can swarm on soft or damaged fruit and have been known to eat an entire garden grape or fig crop. They are not considered to be an important pest because they do not damage lawns as larvae and trees as much as June beetles or Japanese beetles.

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