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Aug 29 2019

In March 2007, Suzuki started her “join” project and released her fifth studio album Connetta, which featured a variety of collaborators and producers. Although it was noted for its experimental adaption of musical genres, Suzuki went on to perform club-oriented remixes and songs at night clubs around Japan. Her staff at Avex Trax, who attended her performances, noticed her engagement with club music and wanted to pair her with a musician that dealt with electronic dance music. Eventually, Avex contacted Japanese producer and Capsule member Yasutaka Nakata, in June 2007, to work with Suzuki on her next album, which he accepted. Suzuki was aware of Nakata’s work prior to their collaboration, but because she felt her “join” project embraced musical styles from different collaborators, she intended to experiment her sound with Nataka.

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