Cooks river walking track clipart

Oct 28 2019

Before European Settlement, the Indigenous Australian population used the river by fishing and gathering shellfish. This had little effect on the river’s natural ecology as sustainable practices were adhered to. In local Aboriginal languages, the Cooks River is known as Goolay’yari meaning ‘pelican’. It is generally thought that four different clans, each speaking a distinct dialect of the Darug language, inhabited the area surrounding the river. The Bediagal clan occupied the area on the southern side of the river. whilst on the northern side, it is generally thought that the Gameygal clan lived between the mouth of the Cooks River and the ocean. Further west, the river was used by the Cadigal people (whose country extended north up to Port Jackson and took in the area where modern-day Sydney is now located). Further west still and along the upper reaches of the river, the country was occupied by the Wangal people.

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