Brigitte fontaine prohibition clipart

Nov 10 2019

Brigitte Fontaine became a major figure in the French underground. In a half-dozen albums, the majority of which were released through the independent label Saravah, Fontaine explored different poetic worlds. She renounced the use of rhyme, and using talk-over sometimes, she recorded, with very little means and often on two tracks, songs which addressed topics with humour or gravity, according to the mood, as various as death (“Dommage que tu sois mort”), life (“L’été, l’été”), alienation (“Comme à la radio”), madness (“Ragilia”), love (“Je t’aimerai”), social injustice (“C’est normal”), the inequality of the sexes (“Patriarcat”) and racism (“Y’ a du lard”). However, she also knew how to make light of herself (“L’Auberge (Révolution)”).

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